Abdominoplasty - Tummy tuck

If the abdominal wall has become flaccid after pregnancy or a heavy weight loss, inhibitions can very quickly arise to show up in public (bathing beach, sauna) or also to the partner. Exercise or diets do not help to tighten the excess skin.

A tummy tuck (abdominal wall plastic) makes the stomach flat and taut again and emphasizes the waist. The procedure can also be combined with liposuction in the waist or hip area to optimize the result. The procedure is carried out under general anesthesia. The excess skin is removed and, if necessary, the muscles are tightened. If there is a large excess of skin, the navel can be moved so that it sits in the optimal position and offers a natural picture. 


After the procedure, a compression corset is worn for a while to ensure an optimal result. The scar is just above the pubic area and is usually not visible in panties or bikini bottoms. 

Therapy and costs

From EUR 5.000,-

They treat you

Dr. med. Vladan Montenegro
Dr. med. Carolin Eimer
Dr. med. Gie Vandehult

Dr.med. Carolin Eimer

Dr. med. Carolin Eimer

Specialist in aesthetic, plastic surgery

Dr. med. Vladan Montenegro

Dr. med. Vladan Montenegro

Specialist in aesthetic, plastic surgery

More treatments

Behandlung Fettabsaugung, Liposuction


Fat polsters on the arms, legs, abdomen, hips or chin are often persistent. Thanks to innovative surgical technology, liposuction can be carried out very gently. Once the fat cells are extracted, the body does not regenerate them. This means that the body shape achieved through liposuction is permanent.The results can be further optimized by tightening the skin.


Slack sagging skin on the upper arms can be surgically removed. This requires a spindle-shaped cut that leaves a longitudinal straight scar on the inside of the upper arm. The scar is hardly noticeable once it has healed; it scares the sagging skin much less than before.


After heavy weight loss, the skin on the inner thighs hangs sagging and unsightly. Surgical tightening of the skin may also be necessary after liposuction on the thigh. For this purpose, a transverse cut is usually made below the groin, which changes into a longitudinal cut on the inside of the thigh.


With age, this tension subsides, the skin and also the curves of the body become softer, flabby. Even if you lose a large amount of weight, it can happen that the body does not manage to adapt the skin to the new body size, especially in the so-called problem areas on the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. 

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