Accucurv® - body forming using muscle stimulation

The Accucurv® supports muscle building and stimulates the deep muscles that cannot be trained explicitly. The following treatment areas are trained: abdomen, buttocks and thighs. There are a total of four treatment modes for individual and replicable results.

Fit, strong, beautiful! With state-of-the-art technology, the dream of a perfect figure can quickly come true. Athlete muscles without stress, sweat, doping and surgery! Body definition through electromagnetic high-tech muscle stimulation: accucurv® is the innovation in body shaping - 25,000 "sit-ups" in 30 minutes! From now on in your Kosmed clinic.

What is the Accucurv?

Accucurv® is a medical system that specifically stimulates muscle growth by generating a high-intensity magnetic field. It reaches the deep muscles, which cannot be trained with classic weight training or with EMS (electromyostimulation) applications. The muscle stimulation increases the fat metabolism at the same time, so that the body burns more calories and fat is broken down.

How does the procedure work?

This unique technology, the world's most effective, creates a high-intensity magnetic field to activate motor nerves by contracting and relaxing muscles. Due to the precise transfer of energy, the magnetic field reaches the deeper muscle layers.

What can the Accucurv do ?

There are a total of four treatment modes for individual and replicable results. This enables the Accucurv to treat patients with very different body structures, e.g. slim, overweight or athletic patients. The aim of the unique treatment is to lose fat, build muscle and tone the muscles.

25,000 "sit ups" in 30 minutes

You can achieve this equivalent effect if, for example, you train abdominal muscles with the Accucurv. And that without sport and without pain!

Is the Accucurv only suitable for athletes ?

No! The Accucurv can be used by trained or untrained people. For example, it is also used for targeted muscle building in women after pregnancy in order to reduce the muscle gap (rectus diastasis) caused by the abdominal bulge.

How is the treatment going ?

The Accucurv can be used on the stomach, buttocks and thighs. In order to generate optimal muscle growth, regular use (at least 2x per week) and a healthy diet are necessary, similar to classic weight training.
You will receive a total of 9 applications (30 minutes per treated muscle stimulation body region), ideally over a period of 3-4 weeks.

Can I combine the Accucurv with other fat reduction procedures?

You can combine electromagnetic muscle stimulation with laser-based fat reduction (Sculpsure) and/or Injection-Lipolysis.


30 min per region

0 days

0 days


From 1000 euros per body region (1500 euros for 2 areas)

You will receive a total of 9 applications (30 minutes per treated body region)

What needs to be considered before the treatment ?

There should be no metallic implants near the body region to be treated. Electronic devices (e.g. mobile phones or laptops) or credit cards should not be used during the treatment and must be placed outside the electromagnetic field.

What do I have to consider after the treatment?

There may be temporary slight pain or sore muscles in the treated area.

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Dr. med. Arick Trettel

Dr. med. Arick Trettel

More Information

Youtube-Video: LUTRONIC Germany - accucurv®

We would be happy to inform you in the Kosmed Clinic about all the possibilities for modern body shaping - so that you will soon have the figure you feel comfortable with.

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