The gastric balloon is a non-surgical measure to successfully reduce excess weight. It reduces the volume of the stomach due to its volume, so that a feeling of satiety quickly arises. Here you come to your beach figure with whom you feel comfortable!


Around a quarter of all Germans are overweight. And once the kilos have settled, it is not so easy to shake them off again. Often there is the will to a healthy lifestyle, but it does not really work. Do you want to break old habits in order to get rid of many kilos quickly, easily and in a controlled manner? The perfect solution to curb cravings is the gastric balloon. He is like a friend who shows which portions of food are good for your body. It acts as a temporary stomach reduction and is used for six to twelve months. The results are remarkable: Many patients report that without a gastric balloon, they could not lose up to 30 kg within six months. Gentle, without surgery and accompanied by a doctor to the desired figure - here you have the opportunity to develop a new, positive body feeling.


The gastric balloon is made of tear-resistant, body-friendly silicone and is introduced into the stomach through the esophagus in a half-hour treatment and - depending on the volume of the stomach - filled with 450 to 750 ml of saline. This non-surgical measure is carried out very gently endoscopically while the patient relaxes in the twilight sleep. General anesthesia is not necessary. After around two hours, patients can leave the clinic and go home. There may be a slight feeling of nausea in the first few days, which however quickly subsides. Due to the volume with which the balloon fills the stomach, a faster feeling of satiety occurs immediately when eating. Motivated patients who eat consciously can lose up to 30 kilos with the gastric balloon within six months. After six to twelve months, the balloon is removed again with a small, outpatient procedure.


This therapy is suitable for everyone who is struggling with obesity and is afraid of major surgery like a gastric band. With the gastric balloon you lose a lot of weight in a short time because the stomach's capacity is reduced so that only small portions of food can be taken. A long-term change in diet is much easier in the long term, because old, unhealthy habits creep away and are replaced by new ones. Side effects such as high blood pressure, joint problems caused by obesity, diabetes, but also, of course, mental illnesses can be stopped, reduced or avoided.



about 30 minutes

0 days

about 5 days

Risks gastric balloon

In over 20 years of application experience, the gastric balloon has proven to be very low-complication and safe. You may experience nausea in the first few days. Some patients experience a feeling of pressure or abdominal pain, which usually subsides quickly.

Result gastric balloon

Lose weight quickly and precisely! The balloon reduces the capacity of the stomach and leads naturally to the figure, for which others fight fiercely with diets and sports. In addition to a new lifestyle, risk factors such as high blood pressure can be reduced. To ensure long-term success, you should combine this therapy with nutritional advice.

Cost gastric balloon

Gastric balloon for 6 months:
from 3290 EUR (including gastroscopy, implantation, explantation)

Gastric balloon for 12 months:
from 4390 EUR (including gastroscopy, implantation, explantation)

It advises you Walter Trettel

Dr. med. Walter Trettel

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The POSE® procedure is a special feature among obesity and overweight treatments. It is an endoscopic form of stomach reduction, i.e. a reduction in size of the stomach without surgery and scars, for the permanent reduction of stomach volume. As a result, only smaller portion sizes can be eaten and the feeling of satiety sets in faster and for a longer period of time.

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After heavy weight loss, the skin on the inner thighs hangs sagging and unsightly. Surgical tightening of the skin may also be necessary after liposuction on the thigh. For this purpose, a transverse cut is usually made below the groin, which changes into a longitudinal cut on the inside of the thigh.

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