Fat-away syringe (injection lipolysis) Simply dissolve excess fat with a syringe - a brilliant idea.


Exercise and a healthy diet help against fat deposits - but not everyone gets a grip on the sometimes stubborn bulges on the stomach, legs or buttocks. Some suffer from sagging skin after pregnancy or large weight loss. One diet after the other, including the yo-yo effect, many people know that. But who doesn't want a firm body in which one feels 100% comfortable?We currently carry out the most commonly used methods for reducing unnecessary fat and are explained in more detail below.


Injection lipolysis is not a new wonder drug for weight loss. It is able to melt away and metabolize unwanted love handles, which cannot be reduced either by changing your diet or by targeted exercise therapy. The active ingredient is a natural preparation and is obtained from the soybean. The agent is injected directly into the affected regions using the finest needles. There, the fat cells melt and the fat is broken down. The skin also contracts because of its elasticity and creates a smooth, homogeneous surface.

Treatment fat away syringe:

 lower buttocks / transition to the thigh
 Love handles (for men)
Upper and lower abdomen
Bumps of fat on the shoulder-arm joints
Upper arms
Back parts
Thigh cellulite treatment 

Treatable regions:

Fat injection body area women

Fat area injection body area men

Facial fat syringe


As a rule, 2-4 treatments at intervals of 8 weeks are necessary to successfully complete the therapy. Over 80% of patients are very satisfied with the result after 2 to 3 treatments. Additional treatments are rarely required.

Treatment costs

From EUR 200,-

They treats you

Dr. med. Arick Trettel
Dr. med. Carolin Eimer
Doctor Elham Hakhamaneshi

10 min

0 days

0  days


Members of NETWORK Lipolysis have not identified any health risks. The active substance itself and its metabolism have been studied very well. The drug for injection lipolysis has been a liver protection drug for many years and is also used to dissolve fat clots in the blood. So far, there have been no serious side effects from the thousands of treatments worldwide. Nevertheless, this therapy belongs in the hands of trained medical professionals. After the treatment, temporary redness, swelling and muscle soreness-like symptoms occur in almost all patients, as well as bruising in some patients. After a few days the treated area is free of symptoms

Further information

Bye-bye, cellulite! How celebrities fight orange peel effectively. PDF documentPDF document - 0.7MB)

* The NETWORK lipolysis is an international association of doctors from various disciplines who are certified for injection lipolysis. Qualitative training and consistent further training of doctors in NETWORK lipolysis is the basis for certification.

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