Our laser experts specialize in using different laser systems to set impulses so that the body can break down fat and reduce stretch marks. A highly effective alternative to other methods, especially for those who want to tackle small problem areas.

Laser cosmetics - your specialists in Hamburg and Kiel

Modern technology for your beauty - we have been working with the safest laser systems in various areas in the Kosmed-Clinic for many years. Our experience in our laser competence center shows how successful and gentle these therapies are. The SculpSure starts at places where fat deposits do not disappear. The special laser can completely dissolve fat cells and also stimulate collagen formation. With fractional laser therapy, on the other hand, the skin marked by weight gain can be restored to its original beauty - so that stretch marks gently recede.

Laser treatments to reduce fat

Laserbehandlung zur Fettreduzierung


Innovative and effective - for your beauty! the SculpSure ™ is the world's first hyperthermic laser with FDA approval for fat reduction and body modeling. Shape your body as you wish!

Dehungsstreifen und Schwangerschaftsstreifen


Away with the stretch marks? Our experience and many scientific studies show that visible success is possible with laser therapy and that the structure of the skin can recover.

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