The POSE® procedure is a non-surgical stomach reduction treatment that can help severely overweight people lose weight.


The plan to lose weight is not only a decision for a more attractive, but above all for a healthier life if you are overweight.
The POSE® procedure is a specialty among obesity and overweight treatments. It is an endoscopic form of stomach reduction, i.e. a reduction in size of the stomach without surgery and scars, for the permanent reduction of stomach volume. As a result, only smaller portion sizes can be eaten and the feeling of satiety sets in faster and for a longer period of time.


With POSE (Primary Obesity Surgery Endolumenal) the size of the stomach is reduced like a stomach reduction - but completely without cuts or scars. As part of an approximately one-hour outpatient procedure, the treating specialist introduces tiny instruments endoscopically through the patient's esophagus, with the help of which he folds the stomach in certain places and sutures them tightly or fixes them with so-called anchors. This wrinkling occurs at both the upper and lower ends of the stomach and causes the stomach to decrease in volume by about 25 percent. Due to the reduced capacity, patients reach a feeling of satiety much faster even after consuming little food. Medical studies also show that the feeling of satiety lasts longer and therefore there is much less appetite and hunger.


Your stomach reduction with pose®2 is unlimited in time and lasts a lifetime.
Due to the tubular reduction in size of the stomach, only a fraction of the food is consumed.

The opportunity-risk profile is excellent: you reduce your stomach volume by up to 75%, after 6 months you lose approx. 50% of your excess weight and you forego the usual risks of complications.

The downtime for obesity surgery has never been shorter: With the pose®2 ENDO-SLEEVE technology, you are fully resilient again after a long weekend.

The pose®2 ENDO-SLEEVE technology leaves no permanent restrictions, while your quality of life increases noticeably after just a few weeks.


about 60 minutes

0 Days

about 1 day


Lose weight quickly and in a targeted manner!
The POSE® stomach reduction reduces the absorption capacity of the stomach, reduces appetite and leads to a feeling of satiety more quickly. As if by yourself to a slimmer figure, for which others struggle doggedly with diets and exercise. In addition to a new attitude towards life, risk factors such as high blood pressure can be reduced.

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Dr.med. Walter Trettel

Dr. med. Walter Trettel

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