StimSure - body forming with muscle stimulation

Athlete figure? Bodyforming with the latest electromagnetic muscle stimulation (no EMS) makes it possible!

Fit, strong, beautiful! With state-of-the-art technology, the dream of a perfect figure can quickly come true. Athletes muscles without stress, sweat, doping and surgery! Body definition through electromagnetic high-tech muscle stimulation: The StimSure system is the innovation in body shaping! Now in your Kosmed clinic.

How is the treatment going?

Belly, buttocks, thighs ... these problem areas in particular can be perfectly treated with the StimSure applicators. During brief impulses that the body contouring device emits, an effect like that of sport is achieved - only significantly more efficiently. The muscles contract, are held in tension by the electromagnetic stimulation and then released again. The treatment works through light clothing and is not painful. After the treatment, you have no physical limitations in normal everyday life.

What exactly does the high-tech device do?

What sounds like science fiction is an individual way to get yourself in top shape. The new electromagnetic device triggers 24,000 contractions of the muscles in a 20 to 30-minute treatment. This quickly and sustainably boosts the natural growth of muscle fibers.

The result can be maintained and optimized

With 6 to 8 treatments in 2 months you get optimal results that look natural. If you also want to specifically melt fat cells, you can achieve this with a combination therapy, in which the SculpSure laser is also used.

They treats you

Dr. med. Walter Trettel

We would be happy to inform you in the Kosmed Clinic about all the possibilities for modern body shaping - so that you will soon have the figure you feel comfortable with.

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