Stretch marks

The breakthrough has been made! Goodbye stretch marks and stretch marks! Many therapies, unfortunately without any significant effect, have so far been offered. That has now changed. Our experience and many scientific studies show that treatment is possible.

The fractional laser treatment represents a breakthrough in the aesthetic treatments with her to take effect the following symptoms can handle:

Stretch marks/ striae

Many people know ugly stripes in the skin and these are often very disruptive in terms of their aesthetic appearance. They are called striae, stretch marks or stretch marks.

How are these stripes created?

Every woman's skin changes during pregnancy. More than half of all women get stretch marks because the skin, especially on the abdomen, breasts and also on the buttocks, has to change and stretch considerably due to the hormone change. Stretch marks are stretch marks that develop in 90 percent of pregnant women from the 6th month on the breasts, the side of the abdomen, thighs and hips. At first reddish, they later fade and become whitish. The tissue structure of stretch marks or stretch marks is similar to that of scar tissue.

Stretch marks do not only appear during pregnancy, they can also appear after cortisone therapy, weight gain, weight loss or growth in men and women. It is also possible to get stretch marks when building stronger muscles, such as bodybuilding.

The fractional laser treatment is safe and quick. The results are predictable! This innovative treatment method repairs damaged skin areas by keeping healthy tissue around each treatment zone, resulting in quick healing with practically no negative side effects. Virtually every patient experiences a visible cosmetic improvement. The improvement is immediate and associated with ongoing positive changes resulting from the treatment.

The treatment

The laser treats only very small areas of the skin at once without damaging the entire outer protective layer of the skin. In contrast to traditional skin renewal techniques, which remove the entire upper layer of skin from the damaged skin areas, and are often associated with weeping wounds, crusting and long recovery phases.
This innovative treatment method repairs damaged skin areas by leaving healthy tissue surrounding each treatment zone, which results in rapid healing with practically no negative side effects, no long downtime and no need for general anesthesia. After the treatment, there is only redness and swelling that has completely disappeared within a day or two.

The laser produces precise, thousands of tiny light columns (treatment zones) that are not visible to the naked eye. These flashes of light penetrate into the dermis and stimulate the processing of collagen there. In this way, the body's natural healing process creates new, healthy tissue that replaces the old, imperfect tissue.

Treatment costs

From EUR 150 ,-

They treats you

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