Treatment of cellulite

Various factors are the cause of cellulite. The effects of female hormones and, to a certain extent, genetically determined, reduced arterial and venous circulation combined with deteriorated lymphatic drainage.

Cellulite is based on the strong storage of fat in the fat cells, which, in contrast to male tissue, are only very loosely encased in connective tissue. Due to the heavy loading with lipids, the fat cells swell and lead to a compression of the blood and lymphatic vessels. This results in edema and degeneration of the connective tissue fibers, which leads to the typical "orange peel". The cellulite treatment is complex.

The focus is on:

An anti-edematous treatment with restoration of efficient microcirculation.
Lipolysis by inhibiting phosphodiesterase, for example by theopylline, leads to lipolysis in the fat cells with the elimination of short-chain fatty acids.
Improvement and renewal of the connective tissue, in the course of the treatment there is an improvement in the three-dimensional structure of the connective tissue covering of the fatty tissue and the skin structure is strengthened with the removal of the orange peel.

Therapy and costs

- Injection lipolysis: from EUR 300,- per session
- SculpSure laser treatment

They treats you

Dr. med. Arick Trettel
Dr. med. Carolin Eimer


We recommend a combination therapy of injection lipolysis , alternatively sculpture, with shock wave treatment.

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