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Liposuction is the most common plastic surgery performed worldwide. With the help of liposuction, the shape and silhouette of certain body regions can be modeled.

Good looks don't have to be a dream. Over 30,000 satisfied patients who have been treated in the Kosmed clinic for over fifteen years are our best reference. We rely on broad specialist knowledge, many years of experience and innovative technologies. In order to live up to our claim of always treating you with the highest level of competence with your request, we have specialized specialists for the various procedures in cosmetic surgery, but also for classic conservative treatments.
In the fat reducing center of the Kosmed-Klinik in Hamburg and Kiel we take time for your goals and work with you to create an individual treatment concept for the figure you dream of.


Unsightly fat deposits, which can often not be removed through exercise and diet, are permanently removed. Fat cells that have been sucked out are not recreated. This means that the body shape achieved through liposuction is permanent.


Injection lipolysis is not a new wonder drug for weight loss. It is able to melt away and metabolize unwanted love handles, which cannot be reduced either by changing your diet or by targeted exercise therapy.


Stubborn problem areas can also be effectively addressed with the laser. Reduce fat without surgery! Studies have shown that up to 25 percent of the fat in the treated area can be reduced in one session. Even more: stretch marks can be treated very effectively with modern laser therapy.


This ultra-modern, light-based technology is ideal for patients who want to get rid of particularly stubborn love handles. The Kosmed-Clinic specializes in fat removal - and is one of the first clinics in Europe to use the revolutionary SculpSure ™ laser.


The Kosmed Clinic has been established in Hamburg in the fields of aesthetic surgery, aesthetic dermatology, laser cosmetics and anti-aging medicine for over 20 years, and since the beginning of 2007 also in the Mare Clinic in Kiel.

Our clinic differentiates itself from its competitors through the use of specialists for each specialist area. So not everyone does everything, every doctor only serves his or her specialty. Read more >


Dr. med. Arick Trettel
Specialist in dermatology, aesthetic dermatology

Dr. med. Vladan Montenegro
Specialist in aesthetic, plastic surgery

Dr. med. Draga Kuzmanovic
Specialist in aesthetic, plastic surgery

Dr. med. Carolin Eimer
Specialist in aesthetic, plastic surgery

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